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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

To sum up.

Description of my last 10 years...

Went to UND right after HS, started out in Mechanical Engineering.
Failed a few classes and switched majors to Computer Science. Did a couple of internships with Unisys a computer company in Minneapolis.
Met my Fiance in Spring of 2001, started dating by April. He moved to Rochester MN in the fall taking a job with IBM. Graduated in December and after a few months of job searching in Grand Forks decicded to bite the bullet and move in with him here :)
After nearly a year of job searching ( a dark sucky time in my life) I got a job at IBM as well, but just as a contractor, so the pay is not quite as well, but its a job. Been doing that ever since.
Brandon and I bought a house together and are now 1.25 months away from our wedding!

I typed this up to a friend from years past... and thought it would be a great little paragraph to share with ... well whoever knows about this blog.

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